Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5 Minutes

Understanding the difference between Informational Pages and News Posts

This tutorial is going to introduce you to the pages on your website that are across the top navigational bar. Before we do that though, we need to explain the difference between Info Pages and News Posts. Info Pages are pages on your website that you always want your visitors to have access to. These can include Contact Pages, Info Pages, Volunteer Pages, Join the PTO Pages, etc. News Pages on the other hand are dated and are constantly getting replaced by more recent News. The links in your main navigation bar almost always lead to Info Pages and the content in the center of your page is almost always News Posts.

Accessing your list of Informational Pages


Now that you understand the difference between Informational Pages and News Posts, it’s time to take a look at the Info Pages we have already added to your website. We have added the pages that a typical PTO / PTA would want if they were members of the Premium Plan. If you are a member of the free plan, you may want to edit, remove or hide some of these pages depending on your particular needs.

To access a list of all of your Informational Pages from your Admin Dashboard, hover over the PAGES menu and then click ALL PAGES.

Your Informational Pages


Once you click the ALL PAGES link, you will be taken to a page that list all of the informational pages you have on your site. By Default, we have installed the following pages for you:
  • Events Calendar
  • Info
  • Join
  • Contact Us
  • Volunteer

You are welcome to add to these pages, move them, delete them, etc. If you are planning on becoming a Premium Member soon, please keep these pages in tact as they will be used (and edited) when your premium services are installed.

Editing an Informational Page


In this tutorial, we are using the Events Calendar, so we’ll go ahead and edit that page. Click on the title of the page called Events Calendar and that will take you to the Editing Screen.

The Calendar Edit Screen


Don’t be overwhelmed by this page, there are actually very few things you need to know to make simple edits on a page. The elements are the Title Field, the Content Field and the Publishing Tools.

If you are planning on becoming a Premium Member soon, there is no need to edit this page as we will be adding your calendar for you and deleting the extra content when you upgrade. So please leave this page alone if you are upgrading.

If you are not upgrading, feel free to edit this page and make a list of your upcoming events, information about your schedule, etc. You can also delete the page if you don’t want to use it. We’ll explain that below.

Understanding your Calendar Page


An updated Events Calendar is the cornerstone of any Parent Group and this page was built to provide you a place to promote those events and activities. If you becoming, or already are, a Premium Plan Member, this is the location that we will install your built in calendar. If you are not becoming a Premium Member, this is where you can type out information about your events.

There are 4 scenarios possible with this page, we will explain each one in detail below.

  1.  You plan on becoming a Premium Member and want to use this page for your calendar. If this is the case, do not edit this page.
  2. You want to hide the page from the public, but do not want to delete it. This is a great option if you are planning on becoming a Premium Member in the future or if you don’t know if you want to use this page yet, but want to save it just in case. If this is the case you will want to use the Private Option described below.
  3. You do not ever want to use this page and want to delete the page.
  4. You plan on using this page, but not as a Premium member, so you want to Edit the page.

Scenario 1: You are becoming a Premium Member


If you are planning on becoming a Premium Member, you can completely ignore this page. We will get rid of all the demo images for you and install your calendar as soon as your payment is posted. You can skip to the next section!

Scenario 2: You Want to Hide the Page


If you would like to hide the Calendar Page from the public it is very simple. First, you want to click the EDIT link next to Visibility Public in the Publish Settings.


Next Select PRIVATE and click the OK Button.


Now you can edit the page as you would like (or leave it alone).

If you would like to learn more about Editing a Page, please visit this tutorial on Formatting News & Info Pages.

Be sure to click the UPDATE Button to save your changes. If you mark a page as Private, only website administrators can see it and it will be hidden from the general public.

Scenario 3: Deleting the Page


If you are not planning on ever using the calendar page, it’s probably best to just delete it. It is very simple to delete a page, when you are editing the page, click the MOVE TO TRASH link in the Publish Settings and you’re done. 

Be sure to remove the Menu Link!


You will also need to remove the link in the main navigation menu to the Events Calendar if you hid or deleted your calendar page so that you don’t have a broken link in your menu. To do this, go to APPEARANCE > MENUS.


Click the downward arrow to the right of the Calendar Menu Bar to expand it.


Once the Menu has expanded you will see the REMOVE link. Click that link to remove the calendar link and then click the SAVE MENU button and you’re set.

Scenario 4: Editing your Calendar Page

If you want to Edit your Calendar Page, please feel free to do so. We have a complete guide to editing pages that can be found in our Help Center.