Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 3 Minutes
TIP: Open Two Tabs/Windows. It’s much easier.
To make the most out of this Quick Start Guide, we suggest that you open two windows (or tabs). One window should have your new Digital PTO website open to the Admin Screen and the other window should be this guide. If you do not have your Admin Screen open, we will explain how to open it below.

Learning how to Access your new Website

This first tutorial will teach you how to log into your website and what functions are available on the Admin Tool Bar.

Understanding your website’s Administrative Side

It is important to know that you must be logged in to your website in order to make any edits or changes. If you are already logged into the Digital PTO network, you will see your username and a tool bar at the top of every page on our network. If you are not logged in, you can log in right now on the Right Side of this Page in order to activate your Admin Toolbar.

Your Admin Toolbar in Live Mode


If you are logged into your Digital PTO account, you will see an Administrative Tool bar added to the very top of your website. This toolbar is EXTREMELY handy and will be your main door to the back end of your website. The tool bar allows you to edit a specific page, add new news, add an info page and access your Dashboard (the Administrator Homepage) all with one click.

Your Admin toolbar will change based on the Page and Website you are on. For example, when you are on this Quick Start guide, you have a limited menu because you are not able to edit this page. If you look at your admin bar on your own Digital PTO website, you will see additional options similar to those in the image above.

Your Admin Tool Bar in Admin Mode


You will also see the admin tool bar when you are in your Admin Mode (Edit Mode). Again, the options and functionality will change based on the page you are viewing.

Logging in: Digital PTO Home Page


If you are currently not logged into your website, the first thing you will need to do is log in. There are a number of ways to do this. The easiest way is to go to and click the SIGN IN link in the upper right corner. 

Logging in: From your website


If you haven’t made any changes to your widgets/sidebar, you can also log in by visiting your own website and scrolling toward the bottom, you will see a section in the sidebar called USER LINKS. In that section, click the LOG IN Link.

The Log In Screen


When the login screen opens, please enter your username and your password and you will be taken to the admin end of your website.

IMPORTANT: You only get three chances to log in with the incorrect information (username or password) before you will be locked out of the system for 12 hours. Please be aware of this when you are logging in and try to avoid guessing if you don’t remember your login information.

Your Admin Dashboard


Your Admin Dashboard has three main areas.

The Admin ToolBar is up top and it gives you access to your live site, your editor, let’s you add News Posts and Info Pages and also gives you quick access to upgrading your site to a Premier Plan.

The Admin Menus are on the left side and provide links to every administrative aspect of your website.

And finally, the Main Content Area. This area will change depending on what you are doing with your website. This is where you will add content, adjust settings and more. The main content is where you will be entering the majority of your information on new pages and posts.