Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5-10 Minutes

Adding Content to your Info Page

The PTO / PTA Info Page is designed to be the Hub of information about your Parent Group. You can enter information about your groups mission, you can enter your Board Member Info, it’s really up to you. Just think about what you would want to see as a visitor to your site when you click on the ┬áInfo link and that’s what you should type in.

Please Note: We understand that you may not be ready or able to type in your actual content right now. It’s ok to enter some “fake” information at this point. The goal is to learn how to use your site, you can worry about the details later if you want.



We want to get to your list of Pages again, so hover over PAGES and then click ALL PAGES to get to the screen with your Info Page.

Click the INFO Page Title to Edit


Click on the Title of the Info page and that will open the page in the editor.

Edit your Page and Update


When the editor opens, go ahead and make any changes you would like to this page. You can delete the existing content, or edit it to suit your needs. If you would like to learn more about the specifics of Editing a page, please click here to view that tutorial.