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Adding Content to your Contact Us Page

Your Contact Us page will be a very important page for your PTA / PTO. It is important to put the current contact information you have for your group at the top of this page. Try not to clutter this page with too much information. Make it easy for parents to get a hold of you.

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Please Note: We understand that you may not be ready or able to type in your actual content right now. It’s ok to enter some “fake” information at this point. The goal is to learn how to use your site, you can worry about the details later if you want.

Your PTO / PTA Email Address

If you do not have an email address set up specifically for your PTA / PTO, we highly suggest that you do that. Parent Groups are transitional as members come and go, so it is important that the email address for your PTA / PTO be tied to the group and not an individual. If you do not have an email address for your group yet, you can set one up for free with a service like in just a few minutes.



Hover over PAGES and then click on ALL PAGES to access the list of pages on your site.

Click on the Contact Us Title


Click on the title for the Contact Us page.

Edit the Contact Info as Needed


When your Contact Us page opens you can edit the information as desired.

If you are planning on becoming a premium member, don’t forget you will receive a built in Contact Us form on this page so please do not delete the code.

You are welcome to edit the contact information up top. Be sure to UPDATE the page when you are finished.