Congratulations! You have completed the most basic elements required to get your website ready to announce to your community. If you are anything like us, you probably want to keep pushing forward, learning more, and creating more.

Take a break for a while. You earned it. Even if only for a moment.

Once you have given your eyes and mind a rest, here is a preview of what you may want to work on next.

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Are you a Perfectionist? Read this.

A special note to our fellow perfectionists:

Please remember that a website, and especially a news based website like yours, is a living thing. It will constantly be changing, evolving and growing. Don’t stress to much about the little things, nothing you do is permanent, you can always change your settings multiple times as you see need. If you worry about making things perfect before you launch, chances are, you’ll never launch.

Get the basics set up, get the word out there about your new website and then continue your learning and development on the site.

The Top Five Basic Digital PTO Design Philosophies

At Digital PTO, we believe in clean and consistent designs. We would advise PTO’s and PTA’s against using a lot of different colors and fonts which is a habit for new website users. Instead, we would suggest you learn from the 15 years of website design experience we have and follow these quick tips.

  1. Add an IMAGE to every single News Post and Informational Page that you can. This has been proven to boost website traffic as well as stickiness (how long a visitor stays on your website)
    Need some Image Tips?
  2. Keep your Images the Same Size. We would suggest using the thumbnail size option and consistently aligning the image to the left or right, your choice.
  3. Only change your Font Color for CRITICAL information. As fun as it is to make your website colorful, it also makes it hard to read and look 2nd tier. We would suggest using the build in colors unless you have to call out some very important information.
  4. Use Paragraphs. We know, it sounds silly, but when possible, don’t put more than two or three sentences together without a new paragraph. Your readers will thank you.
  5. Upgrade to Premium. Unlock the Premium Themes and Features Digital PTO has to offer and make your website even more professional and useful.

Welcome Again to Digital PTO!

We so glad to have your group as a member and we will continue to build and develop our service to meet as many of your needs as possible! Enjoy your new website!