Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5 Minutes

Adding & Removing Links to other Websites

PTA’s and PTO’s typically have a lot of other groups that they work with (schools, districts, etc) as well as other information they might want to provide links to. Digital PTO makes it easy to collect and display links to your visitors. This tutorial will walk through setting up a link to your school’s website as well as deleting a block of links from your sidebar. This is not a link within a page or post, but rather a specific set of links that can be added to your sidebar.

Live Website Reference: The Links

liveviewThis tutorial covers changing the links that have been pre-added to your website. You will add a link to your school website and also learn how to remove a set of links. The default links are shown above for your reference.

Click the Links Menu


Click on the LINKS menu option to open your current list of links.

The Links Page Overview


The main Links Page lists all of your current links. You will see the name of the link (displayed on the website), the URL (web address) of the link and the Category of the links (important for sorting)

Editing Your Schools Website Link


Let’s start by editing the link to your schools website. To Edit the link, click on the title that says YOUR SCHOOL’S WEBSITE.

Change the School Name as Needed


When the editor opens you will see a variety of options. Let’s start with changing the name of the link to better match your school. Enter something like Marshall Elementary Website.

Change the Website Address for your School


Next you want to paste in the website address (URL) for your school.

Change Category if Needed


You will also want to determine the Category for this link. By default, we have assigned it to Useful School Links, but you can change that if you want. We will teach you about adding categories further below. Categories are IMPORTANT because when you create a widget to display your links, you’ll specify which category to display, so be sure to organize them properly.

Modify your Target if Desired


There are a few TARGET options available to you. This is determining how the link will function when it is clicked. The two most common options are NONE which just means the page will lead to the link you click or BLANK which means that a new window will be opened to display the link when clicked so that you don’t lose your place on your website after the new window (or tab) is closed. The default is NONE, but feel free to change it to TOP if you would prefer.

Finally, Update your Link


There are a number of advanced options that you are welcome to adjust, but the rest of the options are unnecessary. Once you have made your changes, be sure to click the UPDATE button to record your changes. This will return you to the main links page.

Deleting a link


If you want to delete a particular link, hover over the Title of the link and click the DELETE button.

Adding a New Link


To Add a New Link, click the ADD NEW button up top and follow the steps above (title, web address, category, etc)

Adding New Categories


If you would like to add New Categories to your link options, click the LINK CATEGORIES option in the Links Menu.

Enter the Name for your Category and ADD


To add a new category, give the category a Name (keep it short) and then click ADD NEW LINK CATEGORY

Deleting a Category


If you want to Delete a current Link Category, hover over the Title of the Category and click the DELETE link that appears.

Links and your Sidebar


The links in your sidebar are controlled by the Links Widget. To access the Widgets go to APPEARANCE > WIDGETS

Changing Current Links


By Default, we have added two Link Widgets to your Sidebar. They are the Useful School LInks and Digital PTO Help. To Open the Links Widgets options, click the downward arrow next to the link widget you want to Edit.

Make Changes as Needed


If you want to change the link Category or anything else on the links, feel free to do so. Be sure to click SAVE when you have finished your changes.

Deleting a Links Widget


If you want to DELETE a widget from your sidebar, click the DELETE link at the bottom of the widget.

Adding a New Links Widget


If you want to add an additional Links Widget, simply drag the links widget from the center over to your desired location on the sidebar. You can edit as desired and then remember to click SAVE.

Moving Links Widgets Around


You can quickly change the positioning of the links widget by dragging it up or down on your sidebar to a new location.