Welcome to the Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will show you how to set up your PTO or PTA website in about 30 minutes. We have already populated your Digital PTO website with some basic content to get you started. Please follow this guide step by step and you will have your new PTO or PTA website up and running in no time.

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Step One: Learn How to Access your Website

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 3 Minutes TIP: Open Two Tabs/Windows. It's much easier. To make the most out of this Quick Start Guide, we suggest that you open two windows (or tabs). One window should have your new Digital PTO
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Step Two: Update your “Calendar” Page

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5 Minutes Understanding the difference between Informational Pages and News Posts This tutorial is going to introduce you to the pages on your website that are across the top navigational bar. Before we do that though,
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Step Three: Update your “PTO Info” Page

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5-10 Minutes Adding Content to your Info Page The PTO / PTA Info Page is designed to be the Hub of information about your Parent Group. You can enter information about your groups mission, you can
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Step Four: Update your “Volunteer!” Page

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5 Minutes Updating the Content on your "Volunteer!" Page At Digital PTO, we have found time and time again that the more information you can provide on your parent groups website, the better chances you have
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Step Five: Update your “Contact Us” Page

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5 Minutes Adding Content to your Contact Us Page Your Contact Us page will be a very important page for your PTA / PTO. It is important to put the current contact information you have for
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Step Six: Update your “Join the PTO” Page

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5 Minutes Providing Opportunity & Reason to Join your PTO / PTA It is amazing how many parents will sign up and support a Parent Group as soon as they are asked a few times. Digital
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Step Seven: Learn About Widgets & How to Use Them

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5-10 Minutes We have a brand new tutorial Introducing you to Sidebars & Widgets. Clicking the link below will open the tutorial in a new window/tab and you can close it to come right back
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Step Eight: Update Sidebar Welcome Message & Image

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5 Minutes Customizing your Welcome Message & Image or Logo Digital PTO makes it easy to add a text welcome message as well as upload an image (or as many as you would like) to your
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Step Nine: Update the “Links” on your website

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5 Minutes Adding & Removing Links to other Websites PTA's and PTO's typically have a lot of other groups that they work with (schools, districts, etc) as well as other information they might want to provide
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Step Ten: Add a News Post

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 5-10 Minutes It's finally time to add a News Post to your site! Congratulations on making it this far in the Quick Start Guide! You're almost finished! It is now time to add your very first
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Step Eleven: Hide the News Posts we added for you

Estimated Time to Complete this Section: 1-2 Minutes Cleaning up your News Posts for your Community You are virtually finished with the basic set up for your PTO / PTA Website! Congrats! The last major thing you will need to do is
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Step 12: Facebook Facepile Widget

Working with the Facepile Facebook Widget Every Digital PTO website comes with the ability to promote your pta or pto groups facebook page quickly and with ease. We have created a tutorial that explains exactly how to work with the widget
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The Google Translate Widget

Your website comes with the ability to translate your site to a different language built in! It's a simple widget you can add to your side bar. Feel free to keep the Translation Widget where it is, move it around
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Register your Group with Digital PTO

If you have not yet registered your Parent Group with Digital PTO, please take a moment to complete that process. Registering your school will qualify you for entry into the drawings we hold for a Free Annual Premium Plan, so
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Zen and the Art of PTO Website Maintenance

Congratulations! You have completed the most basic elements required to get your website ready to announce to your community. If you are anything like us, you probably want to keep pushing forward, learning more, and creating more. Take a break for
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